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Railway Museum

The Interurban Railway Museum, managed by The Plano Conservancy, features wonderful interactive exhibits on electricity, math, social studies, and important historic events. 

The Plano Conservancy preserves and restores cemeteries in Plano and 

surrounding communities.


Ongoing Events

Cemetery Restoration

Upcoming Events




Museum tours, school field trips, Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs, and recording interviews with Plano residents are among the many programs offered by The Plano Conservancy.


The Interurban Railway Museum is now scheduling tours for Plano Elementary schools and other private/homeschool groups. The tours follow TEKS standards and can be scheduled for Spring of 2016. 


Welcome to 

The Plano Conservancy

The museum hosts Storytime every Friday from 10:30am to 11am. Professional storyteller Genie Hammel and her sidekick, Eugene the MotorMouse, read books, sing songs, and play games with toddlers and preschool-age children.

Who we are

The Plano Conservancy funds projects to preserve, promote, and provide education about heritage resources in Plano and the surrounding area.