Wayside Signs

Bethany Cemetery

Davis Cemetery

Old City Cemetery

Wayside signs are located all over Plano and feature some of its historic sites. Our educational signs provide significant information about the history of the sites and our efforts to restore and preserve them.

The Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation Inc., seeks to install new wayside signs annually with the help of grant funding from the City of Plano Heritage Commission.

Old City Cemetery // History 

Old City Cemetery // Restoration

Davis Cemetery // Restoration 

Bethany Cemetery // History 

Bethany Historic Site // History 

Bethany // Arch and Plano Garden Club

Baccus Cemetery // History

Plano Mutual Cemetery // History 

Bowman Cemetery // History 

Collingsworth Cemetery // History 

Leach Thomas Cemetery // History

Rowlett Creek Cemetery // History 

Rice Field // Plano Football

Williams Field // Plano Football 

Shawnee Trail (1) // History 

Shawnee Trail (2) // History

Plano Railroad Depot // History

Oak Point Park // Farming (1)

Oak Point Park // Farming (2)

​Oak Point Park // Black Land Prairie

Texas Electric Railroad // History  

Texas Pool // History

Interurban Remnants // History

​First Methodist Church Plano // History