Enjoy this video of the overwhelming success of our first annual Tombstone Mysteries historic cemetery restoration project at Plano Old City Cemetery and L.A. Davis Cemetery. Held in May 2015, participants cleaned gravestones, planted flowers, recognized soldiers' burial sites, photographed tombstones' condition, and enjoyed a "mystery tour" of unique and intriguing cemetery residents and tombstone symbols.

Tombstone Mysteries 2016 was a phenomenal success with more than 300 participating! This event gave adults, teens, and children a hands-on opportunity to help preserve history. More than $6,000 in tombstone and grave marker cleaning was completed. The History Mystery interactive quiz wound through the cemetery, bringing intriguing cemetery residents to life and asking questions about how history is being repeated today. Our flower memorials for military veterans honored those who fought for or served our country over the past 100 years. 

​Plano's Old City Cemetery & Davis Cemetery

Our most recent cemetery project has taken place at Plano's Old City Cemetery. Over the years, as the cemetery has fallen into disrepair, the area became a pedestrian cut-through to the local Boys & Girls Club.

Instead of fencing the community totally out of the cemetery, we established a pedestrian trail on the north end of the cemetery with new black fencing to replace the existing silver chain-link fence. A defined path to and from the Boys & Girls Club, is now available, as well as protection for the historic cemetery.

Tombstone Mysteries 2015

Ongoing Restoration Projects

Tombstone Mysteries 2016

Cemetery Restoration Projects